What kind of music gear do you sell?
— Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars, Electric Guitars, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Guitar Amps, Bass Amps, Pedals, Loopers, Tuners, Capos, Strings, and other Guitar Accessories, Drum Sticks and Drum Gear, Keyboards, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Music Lesson Books, Stands, Cases and Gigbags, and various other Vintage Gear that comes our way.
Do you sell NEW or USED musical instruments?
— Both, but we deal mostly in clean used and vintage instruments, such; as guitars, amps, basses, and other musician gear and equipment.
Do you buy or sell school band instruments?
— We would consider an instrument in good condition, but it is not our primary focus.
What age is recommended for a child to start learning to play guitar or other instrument?
— Appropriate age to start depends on child’s natural abilities, interest, coordination, and attention span. Mad Music has served students as young as 3 years old that have progressed and prospered. Our experience has shown that the most receptive age for learning to play guitar or other instrument is age 7. And remember, no one is TOO OLD FOR LEARNING TO PLAY MUSIC!!
Do you buy used intsruments?
— Yes, definitely! We are always buying guitars, guitar amps and accessories, bass guitars, keyboards, and pianos, drums and percussion instruments. We will consider buying any guitar brand, but the most sought after guitar brands are: - Gibson - Fender - Martin - Taylor - Ovation - Gretsch - Takamine - Ibanez
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What are your shop hours?
— Monday thru Saturday from 12pm to 5pm
What kind of instruments do you provide repairs and other services for?
— We provide (usually while you wait) professional clean and restring and polish services for guitars - electric, acoustic, and basses; banjos; mandolins; and ukuleles. We also have knowledgeable staff pertaining to drum and percussion instruments. We provide full repair service for guitars, basses, guitar amps (specializing in tube amps), and most electronic instruments.
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What is your return policy?
— No cash refunds. Exchanges can be made within 14 days of purchase.
Do you rent guitars and equipment?
— Yes, we call it rental, but it involves you purchasing the desired item, and we will buy it back within 30 days for half of the purchase value in the same condition as when purchased. A lower amount will be offered if the condition has been compromised.
If I come into your shop needing advice about instruments, accessories, or repairs; is your staff experienced and professional?
— Yes. The Mad Music staff consists of lifelong, professional, performing musicians with experienced knowledge of all the instruments, equipment, and services we provide.
Does a beginner need a top level or high quality musical instrument?
— No. A beginner, should start off with a relatively inexpensive instrument to make sure he/she will remain committed and stay interested. Then, as a new musician advances, our staff can advise you on the requirements for a higher quality instrument.